Veritas Global:
A Fintech Law Firm

Your Business without Borders

We are the go to firm for results oriented Fintech entrepreneurs, founders and institutional investors active in the arena. In a world with the free movement of capital, free movement of labor and multi-polar spheres of influence deals are made and pursed where the environment is most hospitable.

Smart Contracts

The era of solely written contracts is coming to a close and giving rise to a new era of digitally native, programmable contract solutions that enable parties to operate without traditional intermediaries


As the world shifts to web 3.0 and spends more time online exclusively the number cybersecurity and privacy threats that businesses face is increasing exponentially

All Things Digital

We are a millennial owned law firm, digitally native and enjoy assisting clients navigate the law as it seeks to adapt to a never ending and dynamic set of facts and circumstances

Practice Areas

Virtual Currency Advisory img

Protocol Advisory

Virtual currency is the latest digital frontier to offer dynamic opportunities that could transform the nature of transactions for new and existing businesses.

General Corporate

Commercial Contracts

Starting at formation and throughout its operation, a company needs supportive, insightful, and intuitive corporate counsel to provide comprehensive and commercially-minded advice.

Source Code License Agreements

Financial services technology, or FinTech, encompasses an entire spectrum ranging from traditional payments companies to block-chain based businesses.

Virtual Currency Advisory

Outsourced General Counsel

Companies often require more committed support for their operations, but hiring internal general counsel is not always feasible.

Global Sourcing & Technology Transactions

Digital Media

Our global sourcing practice provides seamless integration with through our affiliate Veritas Global Consulting which is comprised of a dedicated team of IT Project Management, Data Science...

New Market Entry

Angel Investors

Entering a new market offers companies untapped potential for growth and development, but it’s a move that requires a thorough understanding of the foreign market’s potential issues and obstacles.


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Your Nimble Partner

Veritas Global believes that a law firm should be more than a transaction based service provider for clients. We seek to operate as long term business partners to assist our clients to reach their goals and adapt to the changing business cycle and international business environment.

Throughout our firm’s history we have strived to always put the client first and to be available when our clients need us the most. In an always on and globally connected world we seek to embody this ethos through our Your Business Without BordersTM approach to client service and our willingness to go the extra mile as a part our client’s team.

As a firm we believe that we are uniquely positioned to assist businesses and entrepreneurs in navigating a turbulent financial market, business landscape or geo-political environment.

Our founding partner began his legal career on September 15, 2008 at an American Law 100 firm on the day of the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and since that turbulent day has successfully assisted clients in forming private investment funds, completing mergers and acquisitions and creating and growing new businesses ventures.

Moreover, as a firm Veritas Global has had a front row seat at the table as counsel to clients during the birth of the financial services technology revolution that has led to the creation of a new class of digital assets and virtual currencies.

As a firm, we believe that the depth of our skill and the scope of our experience in leading clients through constant crisis is what sets us apart in the marketplace from our peers.


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