Leadership sits at the very center of our core values. From this single attribute of courage and enterprise, many other ideals and beliefs are brought forth and nurtured.

As a strategic advocate for companies that command a high level of sophistication and excellence in the way they conduct business, Veritas Global commits itself to forging trust-based relationships that are grounded on integrity, transparency, cooperation, competence, and a single-minded determination to help our clients achieve their business goals and derive their benefits to the fullest.

Veritas Global is a millennial law firm that audaciously looks to the future and asks: “Why not?” Our lawyers are trained in the discipline of legal traditional practice at venerable AM law 100 law firms, yet formed by real-world experiences and advanced technological skills, Veritas Global is treading the path of leadership in representing the emergent crop of industrial visionaries and technology innovators around the world in helping them attain the highest value of private equity and business mentoring that would aid them in changing the world for good.

With our comprehensive and applied expertise in the areas of corporate law and financial technology, particularly in navigating developing markets and new economies, we seek to bridge a gap between emerging technology and the legacy financial system carried out by business angels, private investors, venture capital managers, family offices, and similar organizations comprised of high net worth individuals seeking fresh opportunities for investment.

Similarly, we intend to stay current and move ahead.  As the global economy evolves and market forces push towards greater competition and innovation, we continually adapt to present challenges by anticipating the mindsets and aptitudes that tomorrow demands from us.

We are not afraid to learn, relearn, and unlearn. We have an appetite for boldness and discovery, and no fear of the unconventional or untried.

Since its inception, Veritas Global has always promoted “business beyond borders” – bringing our practical wisdom, high ethical standards, exceptional collaboration skills, and zest for growth and expansion to every client and project, anywhere in the world.

Moving forward, we are prepared to provide more bespoke legal and advisory services for high net worth individuals and family offices whom we believe should be encouraged to enter to the digital asset arena with greater confidence and optimism. Veritas Global is fully prepared to take on the exciting possibilities offered by these newly created digital assets and the increasing number of products developed from this unconventional asset class.

And as the world continues to shrink and boundaries dissipate, Veritas Global also looks forward to advising more clients in cross-border business transactions, utilizing our distinct awareness and familiarity with local markets and trends honed from years of hands-on working experience with companies and entrepreneurs in the United States, Latin America, and throughout the ASEAN region.

The future is our only destination. Our promise is to blaze a trail and keep going.