Corporate Governance

The widespread use of digital technology has contributed to a more regulated and complex business environment throughout the world.

Responsible corporate governance requires public companies to act within the law and maintain a cogent compliance program that can effectively prevent potential legal issues.

Generally, good governance makes for good business. Not only does it reflect trustworthiness and integrity, it also helps keep companies sustainable and profitable.

A well-governed company signals to the market that management is looking after the welfare of all its employees and various stakeholders by faithfully implementing practices that satisfy the existing framework of laws and regulations. It also shows the firm’s readiness to keep up with changing standards and requirements.

Veritas Global provides insightful, pro-active, and intuitive corporate counsel that positively supports your business objectives.

From reviewing your board composition and competence, to establishing risk management and recovery protocols, assisting in the establishment and review of reliable company reporting and external audits, and liaising with both shareholders and regulators, Veritas Global is your trusted partner in helping you achieve effective corporate leadership and long-term business success in the digital age.

Purpose and leadership at the forefront

While there is no single approach to corporate governance that satisfies the needs of all companies, there are certain qualities – or pillars – that are universally accepted as the foundations upon which responsible leadership is built.

The most widely recognized pillars of corporate governance include accountability, fairness, transparency, security, leadership, and stakeholder management.

While they are fundamental to successful leadership and management, they are also dynamic paradigms that are constantly scrutinized to meet the demands of an ever-evolving business landscape — with its new risks, new challenges, and new opportunities. For example, environmental, social and governance considerations (ESG) which have expanded the scope of what is considered good governance by taking into consideration non-financial factors have become increasingly important to a broader base of stakeholders from shareholders to regulators and even society at large.

Your partnership with Veritas Global assures you of professional excellence that is grounded inunderstanding your practical business needs. Whether you are starting out on your first corporate venture or running a thriving multinational firm, we are your steadfast ally in facilitating efficient, effective, and ethical governance processes that will help you realize your company’s vision and attain your business goals.

Now, more than ever, the respectability and soundness of corporate leadership has become touchstones for public support. As the digital age continues to democratize  the flow and exchange of information, consumers and other stakeholders are gaining greater access to the principles and practices embodied by business organizations.

Good governance and responsible stewardship seriously matter.

“Whereas the 20th century might be viewed as the age of management, the early 21st century is predicted to be more focused on governance. Both terms address control of corporations but governance has always required an examination of underlying purpose and legitimacy.” – James McRitchie, shareholder advocate and publisher

Corporate governance in the digital age

Developments in our data-driven, digital economy also pose significant challenges to corporate leadership in terms of maximizing the value of digital assets as profitable resources, while at the same time minimizing potential risks – especially those associated with cyber security.

The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) has recently released the NACD Director’s Handbook on Cyber-Risk Oversight, which affirms that “cybersecurity is now a major strategic and enterprise risk matter that affects how companies operate, innovate, and create value.”

Cyber security has become a genuine concern for board members and executives of public and private companies, as well as nonprofit organizations, deriving from the most basic pillars of corporate governance, particularly in terms of accountability, security, and leadership.

We have entered an era where conservative and traditional approaches in corporate governance are no longer adequate in meeting the challenges of emerging cyber issues. Good governance demands that leaders keep abreast with technological and legal developments, and allocate oversight responsibilities at the board level to create security protocols to address cyber-risks before they occur.

These privacy and data protection issues have legal implications that board members and C-suite executives need to be aware of and fully comprehend.

As businesses become more and more data-driven, it is crucial for the highest levels of leadership to address cyber issues as key factors in the effective implementation of their corporate governance strategies.

With our extensive experience in matters where the law intersects with technology, Veritas Global is well-equipped to advise your board members and top executives on the corporate governance of cyber security, while keeping management and shareholders updated on developing legal issues that may affect your organization.