Managing a successful business requires a comprehensive understanding of intricate processes and transaction laws that are usually beyond the scope of what company leaders are able to handle effectively on their own.

To ensure compliance and avoid potential litigation, it is vital for sensible business owners to partner with a reputable team of professionals who are qualified to offer expert advice and provide valuable assistance in various legal situations.

Veritas Global has broad capabilities in the areas of corporate law and financial technology, assisting both local and international clients in navigating the complex legal environment in which they operate their businesses.

Highly proficient in providing tactical advise and innovative solutions grounded in real-world experience and data-driven insight, our team is also equipped with extensive knowledge in matters where transactional law intersects with technology – vital skills that are required in steering your business smoothly and profitably into the emerging digital frontier.

Above all, we pride ourselves in our ability to combine professional excellence with individualized service that is adaptable, accessible, and fully responsive as we work together towards a common goal.

As your trusted partner in growing your company, we take the time to walk you through recent developments in the law to help you understand how it affects the way you do business and avert legal concerns that can hinder your progress.

At Veritas Global, we are committed to ensuring that your business interests and legal rights are upheld and protected at all times, anywhere in the world.


Good counsel makes for good business

The basic definition of a business transaction is that of “an event involving an interchange of goods, money or services between two or more parties.”

In the realm of law, business transactions would include “any initial merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization, or other similar business combination” involving one or more companies, and are bound by rules that affect planning, negotiating, documentation, compliance, and other legal processes.

When entering a business venture, profitability is always an essential concern. Thus, recognizing the many legal Issues that influence business transactions and contractual obligations is crucial to attaining commercial viability for your company.

Important procedural matters such as managing assets and liabilities, state and federal law compliance, trademark and copyright, drafting and review of contracts, and other similar concerns are best handled by legal professionals who are familiar with commercial and transactional laws.

Moreover, business owners may also be involved in situations that require legal representation, such as litigation or negotiating settlements. An experienced law firm can advise you on the most favorable options available — ensuring that your rights are protected and that you obtain the best possible outcome in the event of a legal dispute.

Starting at formation and throughout its operation, your company deserves the services of a supportive, insightful, and intuitive corporate counsel who not only provides comprehensive and sensible advice, but also helps you design creative solutions to the modern day challenges brought about by a rapidly changing economy.

Why perform digital asset due diligence?

Just like in conventional due diligence, a comprehensive digital evaluation is usually performed on behalf of investors as a preliminary step before a sale, merger, or acquisition. Its purpose is to investigate, audit, and review the records of the target entity in order to determine the commercial and legal viability of said transaction.

Digital asset due diligence is likewise concerned about guiding investors in making sound, ethical, and profitable business decisions, particularly in dealing with companies or assets that are digitally native, maintain a digital presence hold digital assets or have digital asset based revenues. Performing digital asset due diligence reveal snot only their potential digital debt obligations, but also prospects for increasing their value and sales moving forward.

While both conventional and digital due diligence are exercised to ensure transparency, it usually requires a more specialized skill set to research and uncover conditions that are unique to the digital world.

Make Veritas Global your strategic partner

The team at Veritas Global has consistently delivered solution-oriented legal services to companies around the globe, including many of the world’s largest and most recognized private investment funds, corporations, and financial institutions.

Our lawyers are highly skilled in providing a company’s legal needs from the perspective of its corporate vision, while at the same time keeping in mind its operational and economic goals.

Working at the highest levels of management, we interact with and advise C-Suite executives and board members as a valuable strategic partner in strengthening their company’s legal operations.

As your corporate counsel, Veritas Global offers the maturity of experience in a wide range of legal disciplines, allowing us to provide vital assistance in various  aspects of your business.

Some of the business transaction services that we assist with include, but are not limited to:

    • Purchases and Sales Agreements
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Commercial Contracts
    • Code Sale and Licensing Agreements
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements

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