Today’s most innovative products, services, and technologies are typically sparked by brilliant, groundbreaking ideas that evoke wonder and excitement.

But moving these new ventures forward and transforming them into successful companies require more than a few legal and financial procedures that may prove to be too confounding and complex, especially to inexperienced business owners.

Startups and emerging companies are usually more focused on amplifying the market potential of their ideas that they often leave the detailed, meticulous, and deliberate processes of setting up a company to seasoned professionals – which is a truly smart move if you’re angling for success.

Launching a new company involves making crucial decisions and critical choices throughout the early stages of development, including entity formation, business model structuring, raising capital, dealing with intellectual property and licensing agreements, managing digital assets, regulatory compliance, and other transactions that need professional guidance and advise.

With our extensive international experience in working with private investment funds, as well as with commercial enterprises and technology companies in emerging industries, Veritas Global provides sophisticated legal services and dynamic, solutions-oriented counsel that are strategically focused on maximizing opportunities and attaining your business goals in the new economy.

Our team has assisted emerging companies around the world in securing capital through angel investments, venture capital fund managers, family offices, other forms of private investment funds, as well as financial institutions across a wide range of industries.

On the other end of the investment spectrum, we have also helped investors find and review high-potential new businesses that they can help grow and support all the way to IPO status, thus fueling rapid innovation and development in both the traditional and digital markets.

At Veritas Global, we like getting down to brass tacks and do the heavy lifting for you, helping you create a stable company and providing sound legal advice that makes business sense.

At the same time, we continue to look up and into the future, upgrading our legal capabilities with technical know-how so that we can expertly traverse the realms of law, commerce, and technology in the modern world with ease and confidence.

Confronting challenges, seizing opportunities

While most emerging companies are born in the technology sector, groundbreaking startups with high potential for growth can be found in practically every industry.

Emerging companies are known to play a vital role in society for their immense contributions to job creation, continued innovation, and economic growth. However, with the COVID-19 crisis, the number of new startups were significantly reduced while the ones that have been launched faced unexpected barriers and limitations that impeded their growth.

While emerging companies are more vulnerable to market challenges posed by the pandemic, many of them also proved to be more agile and resilient than their older, bigger corporations. Because they are mostly technology-driven, most startups were able to successfully adapt to conducting business from fully digital platforms, aside from contributing to the increasing technology demands of everyday commerce, health services, education, organizational workplaces, as well as the media and entertainment industries.

And despite the pandemic, emerging markets and companies continue to attract private investment funds in most of the economic capitals of the world, with young businesses that have performed well despite the implementation of strict health and travel protocols dominating the field.

Despite uncertainties in the global economy, investors with an appetite for high-risk and high-returns are optimistic about collaborating with emerging companies that show a capacity for constant growth amidst extraordinary times.

No less than the OECD has called for taking steps to support existing start-ups and the creation of new companies.

With the pandemic inducing “persistent changes in societies, consumer habits or needs that could uncover valuable business opportunities for start-ups that are able to anticipate the changes,” the report cited the increased demand for more technology-driven products and services that are expected to precipitate massive changes in the global value chain.

Understanding the needs of transformative innovation

This is the time for radical innovations and the world looks to emerging companies to lead the way.

Veritas Global is uniquely prepared to lend enterprising trailblazers a helping hand.

With our focus on corporate law and financial technology, coupled with our depth of experience and skill in navigating both the traditional and digital economies all over the world, Veritas Global understands the language of transformative innovation.

For many years, our team members have helped emerging companies start off on the right foot by helping founders to properly form and structure their organizations, meticulously plan their business proposals and credentials before approaching private investors, prepare and implement contracts and agreements, protect their intellectual property  rights and digital assets, design equity incentive packages, and other relevant legal services specifically targeted towards their early-stage business development needs.

Moving forward, we provide strategic counsel and advise, as well as industry insights that will help guide management in making informed business decisions, and assist leadership in propelling the company towards the next stages of growth and expansion.