Outsourced General Counsel

In the corporate world, a general counsel has to be more than just a functional intermediary who safeguards regulatory compliance and ensures that everyone reads the fine print before signing on the dotted line.

A good corporate counsel must also be a trusted advisor who adds value to the business.

Aside from guiding corporate leadership in matters of routine transactions and legal compliance, the general counsel is also expected to advise management in sensitive decision-making processes.

However, not all companies require a full-time general counsel or can afford to maintain one.

This is why augmenting your team with outsourced general counsel can prove to be a strategic advantage for your company.

Outsourcing your general counsel is a highly efficient yet cost-effective solution to managing the legal requirements of your business.

And in choosing an outsourced general counsel, it is prudent to find a committed and competent partner who will not only guide the company in complying with regulations and mitigating potential risks, but who could also provide meaningful insights and deep industry knowledge that will help you make more deliberate, gainful decisions.

With corporate law and financial technology as our strongest suit, Veritas Global provides comprehensive legal services from a sensible financial perspective.

Our expertise is focused where transactional law meets technology, placing our services at the forefront of today’s digital economy – from managing numerous types of transactions from blockchain to smart contracts, handling digital assets and cryptocurrencies, to overseeing mergers and acquisitions and raising investment funds in both the traditional and digital markets.

As your outsourced general counsel, Veritas Global can assure you of disciplined, well-timed advice that is anchored on years of real-world experience working with leading corporations and top-notch technology enterprises all over the world.

Why outsource general counsel for your business?

Because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Depending on how large your company is and how extensive your legal requirements are, outsourcing general counsel is widely accepted as a more cost-effective middle ground between maintaining an in-house legal team and attempting to do everything on your own.

Many companies have learned the hard way that being small or new are not excuses to deny themselves the wisdom of professional legal counsel. In fact, you can spend your company’s funds more efficiently by retaining an outsourced general counsel instead of incurring unnecessary losses from making impulsive decisions or from paying fines for regulatory non-compliance.

Maintaining an external counsel allows you to enjoy the security and stability of having a C-level lawyer in your team at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time legal professional for the same services.

Outsourced attorneys can also become valuable assets to your business because of the wealth of experience they bring in. Having worked with a wide variety of clients from different industries, they would have gained a deeper and broader perspective of business trends and climates, locally and internationally.

Similarly, their direct involvement with corporate law as applied in different legal and financial situations, as well as in advising C-suite clients, provides external lawyers the wisdom to anticipate various regulatory scenarios and proactively find solutions to possible threats, rather than responding as they arise.

Their exposure to cross-border transactions also make them more adept at identifying emerging market trends and translating them into potential opportunities and gains for their clients.

Moreover, with a competent and reliable outsourced counsel handling all the legal matters in your company, everyone else can be free to focus on their core business functions without having to double up on issues such as regulatory compliance, contracts and agreements, compensation packages, and other similar concerns.

Comprehensive generalcounsel experience

As your outsourced general counsel, Veritas Global brings in years of experience in successfully representing some of the world’s largest and most influential technology companies, private investment funds and their portfolio companies across the full range of business transactions.

Veritas Global understands the legal and operational needs of companies, whether they are emerging businesses or multinational conglomerates. We have interacted closely with C-suite management and Boards of Directors, and have always endeavored to create long-term, trust-based relationships with each and every client.

Our commitment to international presence, personalized service, and immersing in innovative technology ensures you of corporate legal solutions that are up-to-date,  commercially viable, and aimed at promoting your business beyond borders.