VERITAS GLOBAL is the trusted advisor for Your Business Without BordersTM.

Since 2017, Veritas Global Law PLLC has been delivering forward-looking, solution-oriented legal services to leading companies and organizations around the world, particularly key players in the highly complex and competitive industries of investment and private equity, financial services, cryptocurrency, and digital technology.

As digital natives, our expertise and focus areas are constantly refined by the powerful developing markets and ubiquitous modern technologies that are continuously reshaping legal and economic frameworks across the globe.

With this strategic advantage, Veritas Global aspires to be a leader in representing millennial innovators all over the world, and to create opportunities for bridging the gap between emerging technology and the legacy financial system of high net worth individuals and family offices.

We also expect private investment funds and wealth managers to become more inclined towards seeking outside expertise to bridge gaps in knowledge about newly created digital assets and the products that are being developed from them.

Our lawyers deeply value the firm’s unwavering commitment to provide highly personalized service and are available to meet our clients’ needs at anytime, anywhere in the world.

Aside from our US office, we have also been on the ground in Asia for years working with local partners, as opposed to maintaining a satellite office managed remotely. This equips us with comprehensive understanding of local markets and other advantages that could immensely benefit our partners’ business interests across continents.

As a boutique firm, we are a flat organization and can assure clients of more nimble response times, more equitable fee structures, and none of the bureaucratic red tape that is common among larger organizations.

Moreover, Veritas Global has been remote work oriented since its inception, before the disruptions caused by COVID-19 on commerce, travel, and communication. Not only have we maintained stability in our operations and transactions throughout the pandemic, we are also ready to take the lead in this current digital and remote revolution while majority of law firms around the world are still adjusting to the challenges of the new normal.

Driven by business. Inspired by technology. Powered by people.

Build and grow a company that’s future-ready with Veritas Global.