Institutional and Family Office Services

Institutional investors and family offices share a common goal: wealth optimization.

Institutional investors are critical players in the financial market as they usually trade in large blocks of stocks, bonds, digital assets and other securities on behalf of their clients or shareholders.

The most common forms of institutional investments are mutual funds, hedge funds, insurance, endowment funds, and pension funds. Because they are significant sources of capital for publicly traded companies, institutional investors carry a huge influence on the supply and demand of securities. 

On the other hand, family offices are private advisory firms that offer full-service wealth management solutions to “ultra-high net worth” families.  They may either be dedicated single-family offices, or multi-family offices that allow for cost-sharing among its exclusive clientele.

Family office services are usually comprised of a multi-disciplinary approach in addressing the many facets of wealth management. Advisors are expected to be knowledgeable in issues that involve investment, taxation, estate planning, asset management, legal compliance, and risk management,  among others. Some families also expect not only to grow their wealth, but also to preserve their legacy by engaging in philanthropy.

In the process of optimizing wealth, private investors need to connect with a trusted advocate who can provide sensible, relevant, strategic, and economically sound professional advise on how they can best manage and protect their legal, financial and organizational interests.

Our team at Veritas Global has both the technical proficiency and practical experience to help you make more informed investment decisions, mitigate risks, and take advantage of gainful opportunities, whether in the domestic or the international market.

Managing millennial wealth in a post-pandemic world

Today, more than ever, conducting due diligence has become a more pressing concern for institutional and private investors.

Aside from the standard legal compliance, risk management, and valuation procedures, it has become necessary to keep in step with the increasing popularity of globally diversified portfolios, which calls for greater familiarity with how the international markets operate, as well as the various factors that influence them.

The dawning of a “new economy” has also harnessed the unlimited potentials of digital technology and e-commerce, which in turn also bring with them new challenges in cyber-security. Aside from the increased levels of vulnerabilities involved in handling personal and financial information, the unabated rise in incidents of cyber-theft and fraud related to online commercial and trading activities pose not only serious legal concerns, but also reputational threats and financial damage.

Furthermore, the widespread impact of the coronavirus on the financial markets and private funds around the world has produced unusual ramifications on the performance of operational and investment due diligence, with increased risks and restrictions imposed on what used to be standard procedures such as doing research, conducting meetings, negotiating transactions, and executing documents, among others.

With these new realities come additional layers of legal complexities which need to be addressed, requiring more extensive, substantial, and innovative due diligence capabilities.

Developing a strategic partnership with a trusted team of experienced professionals like Veritas Global can help your organization better understand how the current crisis is changing the legal and financial landscapes.

As a result, you can apply fresh and creative means to augment the process of due diligence and pave the way for the gainful management of millennial wealth in a post-pandemic world.

Multicultural, cross-border transactional experience

Veritas Global is well-versed in the holistic needs and requirements of corporate transactions and can serve as an asset for family offices or larger sovereign or corporate clients.

Specifically, our lawyers have represented some of the largest US and non-US public pensions in managing their regulatory compliance, securities lending program implementation, transaction execution and day-to-day trading support. 

Moreover, the breadth of sophisticated corporate transactional and business acumen will allow clients to implement each phase of the desired investment strategy as a seamless team member with the business and legal acumen required in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Veritas Global’s unique multicultural and cross-border transactional experience have proven to be an invaluable resource in a world of borderless business and investment opportunity.